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DCG Logistics on the typhoon "Talim" notice

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According to the typhoon forecast issued by the National Meteorological Center on July 15, the 4th typhoon "Talim" will hit Guangdong or Hainan. It is expected that "Talim" will strengthen rapidly in the future.

Affected by it, the cumulative rainfall in southern Guangdong, Hainan Island and southern Guangxi is more than 100 mm, and some areas can reach 250 ~450 mm.

DCG logistics reminds our customers take anti-typhoon measures together:
1. Please pay attention to checking when picking up the container.
2. Do a good job of binding and strengthening when packing to avoid damage caused by displacement of goods during transportation.
3. For the container after arrival at the port, please pick up as soon as possible to avoid damage caused by the accumulation of water in the storage yard, wharf or leakage of the container.
The typhoon has a great impact on the main shipping routes, so the prevention work should not be taken lightly. We will jointly raise the awareness of risk prevention and prevent the occurrence of cargo damage.

DCG Logistics on the typhoon Talim notice

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